Social Media Posts that Gain Followers

Social media is a fast and effective way to connect with current and potential customers. Though with many businesses wanting to become more visible online, it is more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Here are some ways to become more approachable and easy to follow online:

Use pictures. Graphics can catch the eye of those scrolling through plain and text-filled posts that had the goal of being read. By having something colorful, humorous, or interesting to look at, it increases the likelihood of being liked or retweeted and increasing traffic to your page.

Make it brief. Try to get to the point of your post in one sentence or less. Most social media users do not read every post of the feed, especially those that are over a short paragraph. People do not have much time to dedicate to reading long posts that may not benefit them.

Be aware of the time of you post. This can vary depending on the audience you are trying to reach, but most people look at their feeds in the mid-afternoon to evenings. When you post during the most popular times, it makes you more visible and gives you an opportunity to be seen before being buried amongst everyone else’s posts. To find what hours work best for you and your followers, try to post at different times and check the number of views you receive. This can tell you when to schedule your posts as well as help you create more impromptu content in the future.

Keep it relevant.  A large number of people rely on social media as a news source. By keeping up to date on what is happening in the world, it shows that you care about the same issues as your followers. Whether it is sharing your opinion or acknowledging a popular story, trying to stay updated makes you more relatable.

Act more human. Try to personalize each post by adding variety.  This could be by taking pictures of your staff or parts of your business in situations that readers may not usually see. Another way to look less robotic is to add humor to your page and support, like, or retweet other businesses’ posts.

Create a focus for each post. When businesses constantly share throughout the day about their company’s news, it can overwhelm their followers and make them desensitized to any posts in the future or even cause them to unfollow your page. By being direct each time you post, it lets them know that you have are not trying to bombard them with messages, but simply inform them about what is going on in your company.

Being established on social networks is one of the main ways to build your brand and increase your business’ consumer base. When mixing up the way you use social media, try to develop a plan and do not be afraid to be creative with it.


Written by Casey Hunter

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