Habits to Successfully Manage Employees

Being a great manager starts with one of the golden rules you learn in kindergarten: be a good listener.

People, especially your employees, want to know their problems and concerns are being heard by the company’s leadership so here are some tips and tricks on how to manage employees in a way that makes them feel valuable.

Start by making sure your employee has everything they need to reasonably complete his/her job task. It makes it easier for both the employee and management if everyone has the right tools to succeed.

Always try to get to the bottom of a disagreement. If you notice that some of your employees seem to argue or fight, try to find a way to talk through the problem and find a solution. Management is all about being proactive instead of reactive.

Anytime you see an employee struggle to understand a new computer software you’ve installed or a new law that comes into place – make sure to explain to them how to use it, this lets them know that they can come to you with questions. Try to set aside times your employees can familiarize themselves with new software and skillsets you desire them to have. It’s important to do regular training so that your employees are savvy enough to work their way through any problem.

Start each day with a fresh set of duties. Let bygones be bygones and work on what you had planned to work on. Give yourself room for error and time to accomplish what you need to accomplish. If your employees see that you are falling behind, it will reflect badly on your management skills.

Stressing over projects that have passed you by won’t help you accomplish today’s task. Organization is key to getting things done. Your employees will see how you work and can reciprocate.

Allow work to be fun. try some activities to associate your employees with one another and build those professional relationships. Trust and respect go hand-in-hand. Building relationships can better help your company growth and help employees see you as a leader and a confidante.

Contributed by Casey Hunter, Communications Strategist

Casey is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a B.A. in Fine Arts. She loves to write, read and learn.

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