Attract Millennials to Your Social Media

Interacting with customers over social media is a great way to build relationships, but it can be difficult finding the right way to catch the eye of the younger crowd.  The Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma offers some advice when trying to make new connections with millennials online.


  • Have a story. Millennials are known for having the world at their fingertips. One way to capture their attention is by having a history and clear vision. They want to learn about the company’s beginning as well as the people behind its creation. This generation is also known for being socially conscious and having a desire to give back to the community. A way to show how your company benefits the public is by connecting with other businesses and becoming involved with noble causes that reflect your company’s values and mission. By offering this information to the public, it gives the readers more opportunity to support your company and its purpose.
  • Be transparent. Being honest and open is the best way to establish trust with your followers. This generation wants to believe in your company and brand, and that belief can be created by replying to their questions and responding to criticism in a truthful and considerate manner. Being self-aware and conscious of how the world perceives you is vital, especially when wanting to increase your number of followers.
  • Be funny. Humor is subjective. Making someone laugh can strike a connection. No matter the age gap, millennials are more prone to follow businesses they feel connected with on a personal level. The more relatable or original a post increases the likelihood that they will share your posts with their friends. Don’t take yourself too seriously. This will help people from all generations feel like you are approachable.
  • Limit your amount of posts. Social media is filled with posts from businesses that also seek more followers. As a result, users are bombarded with messages and are less likely to read every post or ad a business makes. By making each post more meaningful and decreasing the number of posts made each week, it gives the reader the chance to learn about your company’s news without being overwhelmed or bothered.
  • Stay updated. Technology has given us the opportunity to be constantly aware of events around the globe. Providing insight into recent issues or events shows that a company is making an effort to stay relevant and relatable.


Millennials hold similar beliefs with the past generations when supporting a company; they want to support a business that is authentic and approachable. By showing this generation that your business can adapt to change, it shows that your company is prepared for the future.


Contributed by Casey Hunter, Communications Strategist

Casey is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma with a B.A. in Fine Arts. She loves to write, read and learn.

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