Holiday Shopping Tips

There are multiple ways to enjoy holiday shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have made it possible to get just about anything on your shopping list at a discounted price — but buying things on sale shouldn’t mean jeopardizing the safety of your identity. Here are some tips to both keep the information in your wallet private and enjoy the holidays to their fullest extent.

Look at the return/exchange policy. Some stores will adjust their return policy during the holidays so make sure it fits your expectations.

Downsize your purse or wallet for the trip. The crowds of busy shopping centers and hectic parking lots can you leave your brain a little jarred, so keeping your belongings in order can sometimes be a challenge. Don’t bring anything you won’t need or use. Women should keep their purses small and zipped shut at all times to avoid theft. Never leave your belongings in the car to avoid break-ins.

Always ask for gift receipts. No matter how hard you try, you’ll inevitably have a gift that doesn’t work out perfectly. Give the gift of a receipt and you won’t have to worry about returning it later.

Stay on secure websites. Never enter credit or debit card information on non-secure sites. To add extra safety, try making a PayPal account to protect your data.

Check in with BBB. We have a list of reputable business in your area, including general reviews and any complaints made against them. Additionally, make sure to check out BBB’s website for holiday scams and updates.

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